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Thanks NYC! You guys brought the sick vibe last night. One more to go!

Springtime is upon us! Getting a lot of rain in SoCal this year. Time to plant my garden and get back out on the road.

The Galactic Mardi Gras run was a blast. I finally got to sing a tune by my favorite Rock and Rollers “The Band”, and a we had a nice bunch if sold out shows in the Big Sky Country.

Looks like there’s a live record in the works and GBA is headed back into the… Continue reading

Happy New Year folks!  Been playing some of the best shows of my life lately.  The Greyboy Allstars have been on fire and Jamcruise was the best ever, which is really saying something.  Maceo Parker completely baffled me on Jamcruise with his bulletproof funk and has sent me back to the woodshed to see if I can close the  gap on him this year.  KDTU is back in full effect starting in Tahoe this weekend,… Continue reading

We just finished the second leg of the ” Brother’s Keeper” tour, working our way down from Washington state, through Oregon and ending up in L.A.. We’re having a great time with the new music from the album. We also went back and learned some very old stuff too. Starting to see some mouths singing along with the new songs, getting a lot of yea yea’s on “Shake It Out”. Chris Stillwell is doing  a standout job of… Continue reading

Gonna burn the midnight oil and get some tracks finished. Doing a little setup with my little buddy Dumbledore on my shoulder. He like to nibble on my beard.

Breaking News!! A tragedy was averted by the wizard-like intuition of Chris Stillwell who last night in Des Moines, IA insisted that we put the boot on the trailer wheel before we all retired for the night. Below is what we found when we awakened. Thebes!!! They tried to jack our shizit!!!

Had a great summer. Played lots of festivals. Switched back and forth between KDTU And GBA but only worked weekends, which left lots of time for family and gardening. Grew tomatoes, string beans, nectarines, okra, melons and am awaiting the maturation of about 15 eggplants. My yard is kicking ass at the moment. Green And Happy!

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