Karl Denson’s longtime outfit Tiny Universe has evolved a bit over the past fifteen or so years, but the basic mission has always been to make audiences move. “…a dance band that dips into the jazz realm,” explains Denson. Continue reading
Multi-instrumentalist and arranger Karl Denson gives us a behind the scenes tour of the latest LP from Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, New Ammo produced for KVMR radio. Continue reading

We have been big fans of Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe for a long time. If you’ve ever been to one of his shows, you know it doesn’t take long for the funk to infect your soul. Before long, even the most timid audience members find themselves compelled to dance. If you haven’t seen Denson, the sax & flute legend, and his band in person before, you’ll have a chance this Thursday (January 30th) when they play a show at the… Continue reading

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