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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

The Bridge

Artist: Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
Label: Relaxed Records
Release Date: 20-8-2002
Genre: Jazz

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1. How Fine Is That? Buy Track
2. Because Of Her Beauty Buy Track
3. The Answer Buy Track
4. Bunny Playa Buy Track
5. Freedom Buy Track
6. Check Out Your Mind Buy Track
7. Satisfied Buy Track
8. The Bridge Buy Track
9. Groove On Buy Track
10. Rise And Shine Buy Track
11. Elephants Buy Track

About Album

The Bridge is a fairly straightforward document of Karl Denson’s live performance. Though there are plenty of guests on the disc — including poet and activist Michael Franti, poet Saul Williams, funk trombonist Fred Wesley, and jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove — that’s not too unusual for Denson and company. Denson himself regularly turns up on others’ stages and just as frequently invites guests to sit in with his own Tiny Universe. The music is an eclectic mix of funk and R&B approaches. The playing is straightforward and energetic across the board. The sonically adventurous cover of Curtis Mayfield’s “Check out Your Mind,” with its multi-layered textures, is a standout track. Pop studio man Russ Elevado mixes the band sympathetically and warmly, with each instrument obvious in the mix without ever being overbearing.